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I offer consultation services on the design and operation of high-yield, environmentally-friendly facilities for the production of high grade cannabis for those who wish to minimize the error portion of the trial and error that is inherent in new ventures.


I can also help you with retrofitting existing facilities to maximize production and/or resolving issues within your existing system. I know where the “bottlenecks” in production might arise and how to forestall those challenges.


This consultation is based on 40+ years of involvement in the production and distribution of cannabis. I know more about its lighting requirements and how to fulfill them than all but a handful of other people on earth and they, except one, all have a string of letters after their names.


This knowledge includes a thorough understanding of the interaction of physics and organic chemistry in cannabiculture. I have quite a bit of knowledge about nutritional requirements and nutrient delivery systems. I am familiar with the construction requirements, including plumbing, wiring, security and HVAC as well as CO2 supplementation and dehumidification. This includes facilitating future expansion as needed.


No one knows everything about anything. Knowing my own limits, I also know who to go to for more information. I have working relationships with a wide range of experts in areas where we might need them. I also have superb contacts in the supply end of the industry. It is probable that with the same resources available to do so I can get what you need for significantly less than you can.


I have a number of ideas as to products which can be developed to maximize the return on investment realized from the proposed venture. I know how to minimize its destructive environmental impact. I know how to keep operating expenses as low as possible while also creating a team of employees with a strong esprit de corps.


You can get free advice all over the place. You can get good advice from me. Thanks to my journalism, political activism and the 40+ years I've been building a network of industry friends I know the politics of cannabis well enough to be fairly sure about where the industry stands in any given state. I understand the financial aspects of the nascent social cannabis industry well enough to give intelligent investment advice. It's not cheap but it's worth what I charge.

If you have questions and/or wish to discuss this further, feel free to contact me.

Cannabis Production Consulting


My first crop of Cannabis.



My first Indoor Grow.


My first HID-lit Indoor Grow.



Co-Produced the Sinsemilla Tips (ST) magazine column “The Farmer in the Sky” with Kevin Bjornson of Hydrotech.



Began developing the ideas behind Sea of Green (SoG) after witnessing an accidental single spear plant of a friend.



Became General Manager at Hydrotech. Studied Inverse Square Law and confirmed the potential yield benefits of the Sea of Green (SoG) idea.



Begin testing Sea of Green (SoG). Wrote about Sea of Green (SoG) for Sinsemilla Tips magazine.



The person bringing the 1st 'Northern Lights' seeds to Holland's 'Seed Bank', mentioned SoG to them, after discussing it with me back in the USA.
Begin putting together “a multi-state network of extremely sophisticated indoor grow operations.” Ass. US Attorney, John Haub.
Published “Growing Indoors for Fun and Profit”.



Found and tested the Iwasaki Eye-ace 940. Wrote about them in ST. Iwasaki, whose bulbs had never before been sold for horticulture, became Hortilux the largest producers of HID bulbs for horticultural lighting in the world.

Wrote about supplementing lighting with UV-b to increase the potency of the plants and hypothesized growing in a sealed chamber with CO2 supplementation and dehumidification.


1986 -88:

Expanded my grow operations and Hydrotech.
Began to develop the “Emerald Cavern” or “Coliseum” technique.



Charged with “Manufacturing a Controlled Substance” 12,000 cannabis plants.



Became a grower for medical marijuana patients in Oregon and Washington.



Last person Jack Herer consciously consumed cannabis with. We Vaped when he came offstage at Hempstalk.



Began hosting the 'Farmer In the Sky Radio Hour' on the 'Time for Hemp' network of 'I ♥ Radio'.

Wolf Segal

35 Years of Innovation in Large Scale Cannabis Cultivation


Inventor of the
Sea of Green method.