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This is an excerpt from the forthcoming "The Cultivator's Handbook of Cannabis: How to Grow Wiser" Permission is granted for any NON-commercial use."

It may seem strange but following the procedure below will result in significantly higher yield than plants which are otherwise grown identically.

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Sprouting Cannabis Seeds Better with Beanwater - January 2014

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First, Soak one weight ounce of legumes (If you've got it like that try it with cannabis seeds instead.) in 1 cup of de-chlorinated water overnight. In the morning, pour the water off of the legumes. This is the water you're going to use to germinate them in. It is Mama Nature's perfect broth of enzymes, aminos and carbohydrates for newborn plants.

Second, throw the seeds into hydrogen peroxide for about five minutes. This is to kill any diseases or funcii which are on the surface of the seeds.

Third, using unbleached paper towels, three thicknesses below and three thicknesses above, place the seeds in the middle and pour the legume-water onto the towels with the seeds in the middle of where you pour the water. You want the temperature to hold steady at 75-80 degrees until your seeds open. Doing it this way you should see a crack appear in one of the ridges which run up the sides of the seed. This will be at the pointy end of the seed. Unless it's from something really special, or years old, I throw away the ones which take more than 48 hours to crack.
Fourth, as soon as you're sure you're seeing a crack, plant the seed 1/8-1/4 deep, pointy end up, in the medium you'll be growing in. The root will end up coming straight out at first but turns and heads down. The resistance the plant meets as it pushes its little helmet up through the medium seems to result in significantly better stem strength later on in life. (I'm an organic dirt farmer and I start my plants in 1 gallon cloth pots which have been folded down to hold 1/2 gallon of dirt.) Once the heads have opened up to expose green, use light which is in the color temperature range between 5500 and 7500 Kelvin."