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Canna-Business Opportunities

The Green Rush!

Think back on the California Gold Rush of 1849. Name a single gold-miner. Now tell me who he bought his pants from. That's right, Levi Strauss. Which one would you rather be?


As with the gold rush, the majority of miners in this green rush are going to lose their shirts but the people who sell them their shovels, put them up in flophouses or who charge to teach them how to mine are going to do quite well. Here you'll find your supply of shovels, etc. to sell to the miners.


You might be a miner, looking for a grubstake to go and do some prospecting. This is where you come to find it.
As with any investment offer it is up to the buyer to practice due diligence in determining if the claims made by those seeking investment are accurate. The investments I am personally familiar with will be so noted.


If you wish to list an investment opportunity here please use the contact form on the home page.
If we receive verifiable complaints about any investment listed here from more than 2 readers we will remove the listing pending further research.



Grow Lighting


You won't see much on the website. This one is still on a strict hush/hush need-to-know basis. This a new innovation in the use of LED never before seen. Photos are not available to the public yet because of the DRASTIC difference in the design of this light system. When seen the innovation speaks for itself. These units are expected to sell themselves and fly off the shelf as soon as released.

What a back story!!! - While other LED grow lights have been designed to mimic/replace HPS or other existing light sources. This innovation came from a crazy vegan trying to grow veggies, using the 12V battery power in his motorhome. This light system is so efficient that nnSunn plans to offer an optional solar power kit that provides 100% of the needed power, year round, in most any environment.


I am familiar with nnSunn's 1st product, LadyLamp. My active council was sought in developing it. I own a small piece of the company. I truly believe that at the price they propose to offer LadyLamp, it is likely to become the standard unit that patients who need to grow their own turn to.


Currently nnSunn is testing final specification options for their first models to be released.

For more information on nnSunn contact Chris Carlton at 503 446-2238 or

Large I 502 Industrial Park

Southwestern Washington. Can have out of state investors and will look at partnerships. It is wrapped around an approved Tier 1 production license. This is an eco-friendly enterprise in a highly desirable location within easy driving distance of two large market areas. For more information on investment details email Wolf or use the Contact form on the home page.

Southern Oregon Cannabis Plantation

20+ acres of USDA certified organic meadows, includes over 20,000 square feet of greenhouse, with three excellent potential revenue streams. For more information on investment details email Wolf or use the Contact form on the home page.


Under Construction

October 2014

Cannabis Breathalyzer

Production ready, compact, accurate, perfect for traffic stops. For more information on investment details email Wolf or use the Contact form on the home page.